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Compliance & Forensic Services Caribbean is an independent, professional and multidisciplinary research and consulting firm.

We have been offering our services for over 20 years, both from Curaçao and Aruba, in the Caribbean.

Objectivity and confidentiality are most important to us.

Our customers come first and we act socially responsible, led by the highest standards of ethics.


Digital (Pre-) Employment Screening (PES)

We are proud to announce the introduction of the PES application per January 2020; an efficient way to screen your (futura) employees!

” A bad hire strenghtens your competition”

We offer a variety of screenings in order to research the (professional) background in an independent way, of a (potential) new hire.

A Pre Employment Screening is usually initiated to see if a prospective employee is trustworthy enough to protect confidential or sensitive information, or manage the financial… read more