Customer Due Diligence & Background Checks

Compliance Services Caribbean can assist your organization in performing Customer Due Diligence (CDD). Customer Due Diligence is also known as ‘know your customer’ principle. Service providers are legally obliged to conduct and document a client investigation before entering into a business relationship. It is important to gain insight into the ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs), possible politically exposed persons (PEPs) and to consult the sanction lists.

If we are in charge of performing the CDD investigation, a risk-based approach will be used so that it will correspond with the client risk and your policy hereon. The CDD investigations are performed by conducting screenings, checking (inter)national databases, sanction and other monitoring lists, as well as verifying ID’s and other documents.

If desired, Compliance Services Caribbean will use its available international and local network. Additionally, the Compliance Services Caribbean staff is trained for in-depth open source investigations. The desired scope and depth will be discussed with you prior to the CDD screening or, if required, during the investigation.

We will inform you in writing about the entire investigation. If during the CDD investigation such information indicates that it poses an immediate risk, we will inform you immediately.

Please feel free to contact us at no cost for more information about this service.