Employment Screening

A proper integrity policy is essential for any organization. In addition to developing a proper Code of Conduct & Ethics, it is very important for an organization to recruit and retain (temporary) employees whose personal values align with the company values. Integrity is often checked during pre-employment screening.

Compliance Services Caribbean can be of service in this area. Our professional background and independent position enables us to investigate the background of a (potential) employee by means of various types of screenings. Possible screenings are:

  • Pre-employment screening: screening of a potential employee;
  • In-employment screening: screening of an existing employee;
  • Post-employment screening: screening of a departing employee (quantify and manage that risk);
  • Screening of temporary or hired workers.

In cooperation with the client we determine per (type) of screening, among others, from what angle the screening will be performed, which information will be utilized and which findings will be included in the final report.

Compliance Services Caribbean also offers the option of assisting your organization in creating a screening policy. This is based on a risk classification which in turn is based on integrity-sensitive functions within your company and this risk classification determines which screening will be performed, at what moment and to what extent information will be verified.