Integrity Policy: Whistleblower Procedures & External Whistleblower

Having a proper integrity policy is essential for (financial) service providers. One component of the integrity policy is having Whistleblower Policy and Procedures. The objective of a Whistleblower Policy is to enable employees to report any malpractice within the organization in such a way that they feel secure. It also provides whistleblowers and their environment with sufficient guarantees for a professional and independent investigation into the truthfulness and relevance of their claims.

Compliance Services Caribbean can assist your organization in preparing a Whistleblower Policy and Procedures, taking into account the requirements pursuant to laws and regulations, applicable to your organization.

In some organizations, an internal whistleblower is unrealistic or undesirable, for instance due to the structure or size of the organization. In such cases an external independent whistleblower service is required. Compliance Services Caribbean offers this service, in which employees can (anonymously) call, e-mail or file a report in a secure way.

Does your organization need advice on whistleblower procedures or does your organization need our external independent whistleblower service? Then please do not hesitate to contact us for an open, free consultation.