Fraud Investigation

Clarity and speed are necessary when (suspected) irregularities such as fraud or theft have been committed within your organization. Forensic Services Caribbean will map out the nature and scope of the irregularities as much as possible, so that any damage (material and non-material) remains limited. We distribute our services with regard to the provision of fraud investigations into two, namely repressive and preventative.

What options do you have after irregularities have taken place? You can possibly choose for a labor law or a civil law approach. But also doing a criminal declaration might be an option. If you want to keep those possibilities still open in principle and first want to know more about what exactly has taken place, then we can carry out further research into the nature, extent and possible stakeholders in committed fraud, theft and/or abuse of company property, bankruptcy fraud and other irregularities.

Forensic IT research can be part of the whole research. The reports provided by Forensic Services Caribbean are of such a quality that they can withstand the Court key. Our reports can, if desired, be part of the file at the Court. It is up to the client to decide whether or not to make a declaration at the police and/or the public prosecutor. As an intermediary we can maintain contacts with police and/or justice for you.

If you want to prevent irregularities take place, you can respond to the risks that your organization runs in advance. We can offer you preventive service by providing a fraud risk assessment and/or execute a background investigation.

Fraud risk assessment
A fraud risk assessment is an excellent basis for a fraud policy plan where cohesion in risks and measures is brought into action. A (short) fraud risk assessment goes prior to a fraud policy plan. Identified (fraud) risks are (per business process) described. Identified is whether existing controls lend themselves to the desired fraud control.

If necessary, additional (internal control) measures are proposed. Tasks and responsibilities of the various departments/officials on fraud control are recorded. The principles of the fraud policy are described and made part of the overall policy of the company, the organization. Employees are informed about the principles of this policy and their own role in them.

Background investigation
A background research (generally) investigates facts and circumstances that can confirm that there is no need to doubt the existence and reliability of a company, its directors and possible partners. More specifically, it is important to find out if the (legal) persons concerned do not have questionable antecedents. In a background investigation, attention is usually given to the business profile, the financial profile of the company and the personal profile of the directors.

The business profile includes a.o.: What kind of ‘business’ does the company? Does the proposed business transaction ‘fit’ in this business profile? What kind of reputation does the company have in the market?
The financial profile includes a.o.: What is the financial reputation of the company? Are there any bankruptcies or liabilities known? How is the payment behavior of the company? If there is a proposed financial transaction: Does it concern a usual (under the Law Reporting Unusual Transactions) financial transaction?
Within the personal profile the identity of the shareholders and directors will be determined. There is among other things, also research into: What kind of reputation do they have in the market? Does his/her profile (positions/additional positions) fit the proposed transaction? There is no conflict of interest?  Are there any antecedents? The information of the relevant persons and entities is obtained world-wide, using our own ‘networks’, various sources and registers. From our professional background and extensive network we can investigate the background of the (potential) customer and/or partner.

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