IT Forensics

In many investigations into irregularities such as the leakage of information, theft of intellectual property or a search for the sender of an email the IT research plays an ever increasing role or is even entirely  depending on digital data for finding relevant facts and circumstances. These include investigations into e-spying or hacking.

By means of special equipment and software which Forensic Services Caribbean has to their disposal, not only visible data can be searched but also the deleted items. It is important when searching the digital data that this happens in a responsible manner in which the evidence is not affected. We use special software such as the Forensic Tool Kit which has been approved internationally to guarantee the authenticity of the data during the investigation.

Through the forensic software digital data like (text) files, emails, images, internet history and multiple other digital data which may be relevant in an investigation, can be investigated quickly. In short, Caribbean Forensic Services, follow these steps:

  1. An image (exact copy with the deleted files included) is created of the data carrier of the computer, server, phone or other device for the forensic investigation
  2. An employee of Forensic Services Caribbean starts an investigation into the digital data to collect all the relevant information by means of forensic software
  3. The employee translates the digital traces to accepted evidence

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