Fraud is a container concept which indicates that someone intentionally acts by means of deception or fraud in order to obtain an undue advantage. The term bribery is different from the term fraud in that bribery specifically is related to acts that are out to influence an official or a person who has a legal duty by offering, giving or receiving a reward. This reward can be money and/or property. We talk about bribery when at the hands of the briber, behavioral change takes place at the one who is bribed to such a degree that this behavioral change is critical to a business decision. Bribery occurs primarily in ‘ kick backs ‘, where, for example, a Commission is paid for services that are delivered.

Experience shows that the most common form of discovery of bribery is, by an internal or external tip. On the basis of such a tip Forensic Services Caribbean can carry out an investigation to irregularities that occur within the business operations of your organization in order to figure out the acts that led to the bribery. In addition, we can consider whether the policies of the organization comply with the rules as set forth in the national and international anti-bribery regulations.

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