Facts Research

Facts Research focuses on the question of how something could have happened and who is involved. There are cases where there is no intent. However, it should be discovered what happened and especially how and by whom. This includes, for example, when files have disappeared, goods have been delivered wrong or articles have been tagged incorrectly, but also when suddenly the costs of a project turn out to be much higher. When research is not conducted and the facts and circumstances remain undiscovered, there is chance of recurrence or the misconduct continues. This will result in damages. Also this can lead to (damage) claims. Forensic Services Caribbean can do a search to the cause of the misconduct. Depending on the misconduct, there are several research methods that can be applied. These include conducting interviews, IT research and so on. This results in a report that can be used in any lawsuit and gives an insight in the cause of the situation. This may result in advice for adjustments in procedures and processes.

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