Corporate governance: Integrity & Whistleblowing

Start Time

12 MAY, 2023
08:00 AM

End Time

12 MAY, 2023
12:00 PM


Werfstraat 6, Curaçao

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Corporate governance is an important aspect in every sector of a society. Active participation, following the rules of law, having transparency as well as being responsive and accountable are all aspects that form a part of good governance. To this extent, having a whistle-blowing policy is essential within organizations in order for possible misconduct to be brought to light.

The focus of this workshop will be twofold. Firstly, focus will be set on whistle-blowing policies. The requirements stemming out of the regulations will be presented and how to incorporate this into a tailor made policy for your organization. Secondly, there will be focus on what to do in case of a whistle-blowing. Aspects of conducting an investigation in to allegations of misconduct will be set forth.


  • Requirements of whistle blowing policy
  • Customizing your policy
  • Evaluating a whistleblowing
  • Conducting an investigation

Target group

  • (HR)Management
  • Compliance Officers
  • Compliance staff
  • Personnel involved in creating and/or executing whistleblowing policies
  • Personnel involved in investigations


After the training you will be able to set up a whistle blowing policy or evaluate an existing policy. You will know what steps to take and who to involve in case there is a whistle blowing.


There are no requirements for participation.

Duration of the training

The duration of the training is 4 hours.


Price: NAf 445,= incl. taxes

Costs includes:  Training sheets and Certificate of participation.