The “Leergang Compliance Dutch Caribbean”, organized by Compliance Services Caribbean and the Dutch Compliance, is a modified version of the Dutch course Compliance Officer and adapted to the target group in the Dutch Caribbean.

The training with a full program is made up of the topics AML, CFT, CDD, honest business operations, compliance risk analysis, compliance & integrity and establishment of the compliance function and is treated in four training days.

Participants that have passed the two parts of the exam (a multiple choice test and a practical assignment) are recorded in the registry ‘Compliance officer Dutch Caribbean’.

Below you’ll find the people who have been completed both exams and are therefore included in this registry:

Anaritza Kranwinkel Aruba 2015
Julie Tjong Aruba 2015
Julienne Koolman Aruba 2015
Gerda de Lange Aruba 2015
Jarzinho Giel Aruba 2015
Marcel ’t Mannetje Aruba 2015
Jennifer  Jacobs Aruba 2015
Jonathan Looman Aruba 2015
Stefanie Kronenberg Curacao 2015
Richeline Martina-Joe Curacao 2015
Leydi Ortegon Curacao 2015
Michaele Bolivar Curacao 2015
Susan van Dijk Curacao 2015
Melanie Holleboom Curacao 2015
Tica Tweeboom Curacao 2015
Lucien Bergwijn Curacao 2015
Corina Bulo – Capriles Curacao 2015
Ashna R.D.M. Kamta Suriname 2016
Gabriela S. Ribeiro Curacao 2016
Eunice Luciano Curacao 2016
Danielle I.M. Lim A Po – Rodrigues Bc Suriname 2016
Henk Lubbers Curacao 2017
Sammy Mourillon – van der veen Curacao 2017
Rob Masereeuw Curacao 2018