Top ratings
on our classroom training

“The course is filled with information and describes the basics in a clear language. The instructors are very knowledgeable in their expertise.”

Compliance officer 

Training Compliance I: Basics

“Content was very clear presented with concrete examples to be able to relate.
With the information gained during the training I have obtained the necessary knowledge to be able to define our policy on Pre- and employment screening.”

HR officer

Training Know your (current) employee & pre-employment

“Praktijk voorbeelden gecombineerd met theorie.
Goede sessie voor ervaren compliance medewerkers en kennis verrijkend aan de hand van praktische voorbeelden”

KYC teamlead

Training EDD/CDD & Complex structures: How to effectively conduct a client screening


Our Integrity Suite is a product group that includes multiple
digital solutions.

Designed to support the compliance of your business.

Classroom, incompany  &  online training

Experts in the field of compliance provide trainings for:

  • Compliance staff
  • HRM & Recruiters
  • Staff of financial institutions
  • Notaries, Lawyers, Accountants, Tax advisors
  • Trust and (e-) Gaming staff
  • Business owners & Board members
  • Staff working in CDD

Client Due Diligence management

The Compli app is designed for small to midsize companies to easily manage their Client Due Diligence. We provide the knowlegde, you just follow the process!

External whistleblowing hotline

We support you in every step of the process to end up with a well communicated, safe, anonymous, end to end whistleblowing policy including an external hotline for your staff. On iReport, staff can report in a secure way any possible wrongdoing in the organization.

Empowering you to make sound compliance decisions

Secure your client screening with PEP Caribbean.
The only & complete database with almost 5,000 profiles of PEPs of Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, St. Maarten, Saba & St. Eustatius.

Keep your business’ level of integrity to the max!

Built on over 25 years of experience we have designed a suite of 5 products supporting your organization to manage and minimize its Integrity challenges, both staff as well as client related:

  • Academy
  • Compli
  • iReport
  • PEP Caribbean
  • Screen-IT

Online (pre-) employment screening

A proper integrity policy is essential for any organization. In addition to developing a proper Code of Conduct & Ethics, it is very important for an organization to recruit and retain (temporary) employees whose personal values align with the company values.

Forensic Caribbean

independent fraud investigators

  • Fraud investigations
    • Bribery
    • Corruption
    • Detection & collection of assets
    • Fact finding
    • Handwriting examinations
    • Leak of information
  • Forensic ICT
    • Data abuse & espionage
    • IT security test
  • Security risk management



Forensic Caribbean has alliances with other research agencies in different parts of the world, which enables international research questions to be answered fast and efficient. In addition, through cooperation with other companies and organizations, specific expertise in our field, including Forensic IT and handwriting research, is offered. This creates a wide range of specialist services.

Furthermore, with the membership of international organizations it’s ensured that up-to-date knowledge is available and its (ethical) standards are anchored.

Compliance Caribbean has the same kind of cooperation in her specific field and ensures that knowledge can be exchanged and that broad global expertise is present.

Certified confidant

Compliance Caribbean has certified & registered “vertrouwenspersonen” available to serve your company. We offer different kind of counseling packages.